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A new tradition has been implemented at the school by the Old Saints. The first ceremony was held on Monday the 18th October 2004. The ceremony was accepted with excitement and appreciated by all.

Old Saint's              Ceremony

The Old Saints Ceremony proceedings take place after the transition of the new head boy and head girl. The transition takes place in the chapel, which is followed by the Old Saints ceremony held at the Garden of Eden. The grade 12's have their scroll locked in the Old Saints podium safe. This scroll will be removed from the safe by the present grade 12 head boy and head girl, and handed to the Old Saints. This will represent the transition from scholar hood to becoming the youngest members of the Old Saints Club. The grade 11's then write their own name on a blank scroll and place this scroll in the Old Saints podium safe. This will represent the grade 11's as the new leaders of the school, with the responsibility of protecting the scroll as well as the school. The ceremony ends with the grade 12's reading the Old Saints pledge aloud.



Ceremony prayer

Old Saintís history and what it stands for

Old Saints handing the key to the Grade 12 head boy and head girl.

Grade 12 head boy and head girl, open the safe and remove the signed scroll that they put in last year, and lock the safe after the removal of the scroll.

The grade 12 Headboy and head girl hand the scroll to the Old Saints and then take their seats, keeping the key. (This represents the grade 12's becoming Old Saints)

Grade 11's  sign the new scroll.

Grade 12 head boy and head girl will now hand the key to the grade 11 head boy and head girl. They will place the scroll in the  safe, for safe keeping and hand the key back to the Old Saints.

Grade 12ís to collect gift from the Old Saintís

Grade 12ís to read out the Old Saints pledge

Old Saints Pledge

We hereby pledge that from this day forth, having become Old Saints, shall support and be involved in the old saints club. We will endeavour to ensure the constitution of the principles and spirit of the Old Saints. By doing this, one of the cornerstone foundations which is continuous fellowship and tradition will remain intact.

Announcement and welcome to the new Old Saints

To view pictures of all the ceremonies taken place, look in the photo pages

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